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As a company trying to stand out above the rest, we offer to perform quality repairs bringing the life of your vehicle back to its previous condition prior to the hailstorm by using a paintless method that saves your original paint. This allows for your resale value to stay higher on the vehicle as well as repair times to be much shorter from conventional body shop method repairs of filling the dents with body filler and repainting your vehicle, although paint and body filler repairs are available if needed.


After insurance approval, Paintless dent repairs typically last between 1-7 days depending on the amount of damage on the vehicle and the amount of vehicles in the shop at that time.


We Provide:


We work directly with ALL INSURANCE COMPANIES to assist you throughout this repair process. We understand this process can be a tad overwhelming, so we pride ourselves on making it as painless on you as possible by:


• Dealing with insurance companies/setting up a meeting with adjusters to make sure they cover the full payment on repairs related to the claim


• Assisting with set up of a rental car on your behalf if needed


• Providing you with vital knowledge of all of the ins and outs that occur time to time throughout the entire process with over 10 years of dent repair experience under our belt


• Friendly, honest and caring staff, we pride ourselves on treating everyone on a personal level


Important Facts You Should Know:


• As an insured, (yourself) you have the right by law to take your vehicle anywhere you choose for repairs. Insurance companies often try to persuade you to a shop that they receive discount repair rates at not saving you money, only them.


• Hail damage DOES NOT increase rates to your policy. Hail falls under an act of God so you are not penalized as if an accident or traffic ticket would increase rates.


• We can often help with out of pocket or deductible costs that would be the insureds (yourself) responsibility to pay.


We offer FREE ESTIMATES. The standard time it takes to write an estimate is 10–15 minutes. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you throughout this process. Feel free to call and schedule an appointment to see what we can do for you: 1-855-HAIL-ONE.


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We work directly with over 50 insurance companies